Best Kohler Toilets

Having been a plumber for so long, I’ve come across my fair share of poor quality toilets. After working on so many plumbing projects in the past, I believe I now have a good idea whether or not a toilets features will be advantageous to consumers or not.

One of our go to manufacturers is Kohler. Sometimes we go with there subsidiary, but for the most part they are equipped with excellent features and mechanisms that allow it to achieve an impressive flush. We look at some of the leading units below and identify whether or not they are a decent pick or not.

KOHLER K-3837-0 Devonshire

Unlike many of the competitors in this market, The Devonshire range adopts a more traditional theme on its tank and bowl. Whilst some of the top toilets choose to go with skirting around the base, this one has the outline of its trapway visible. It also comes with a block shaped tank with plenty of curved surfaces and ridges. It gives it a unique feel that isn’t as widely available as it used to be.

A two piece style may take a little bit more work putting it all together, but it looks great and contains all the criteria for a comfortable bathroom experience thanks to having a comfort height, elongated bowl.

It’s labelled as having class five flushing performance which can often be mistaken as a toilet which uses a lot of water in each flush. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Devonshire range has some great innovations built in which allow it to produce a strong flush whilst utilizing a small amount of water. The exact figure given by manufacturers is 1.28 gallons which makes it a solid candidate for the WaterSense label.

If you have a twelve inch rough in, this will be a good match. It’s also got a relatively small price tag compared to similar models in the market. You shouldn’t expect to pay more than three hundred and fifty bucks for this specific toilet, but it ranks highly on our list.

Kohler K-3977-0 Wellworth

Not everyone has a bottomless pit of money from which to draw the best hardware and fixtures for their bathroom. That’s where the Wellworth range from Kohler comes into the equation. Believe it or not, this can be found for less than 200 bucks if you shop around. But what exactly are you getting for your money?

First of all, this doesn’t carry the same comfort weight as the 3837 simply because its bowl has a rounded front. This is not known to be the most comfortable way of sitting down, but it does a good job in saving space. It’s also not ADA compliant.

However, despite those two negatives above, for such a cheap toilet, it packs a punch in flush power. It utilizes 1.6 gallons and is once again labelled as class five performance which means it handles bulk waste very effectively.

To our eyes, there isn’t anything special about the design, but you’ve got to consider value for money. For someone with a small budget, it could be exactly what you have been looking for.