Consumers guide to toilets.

There is often a battle going on in our minds when shopping. A lot of this focuses on functionality vs design. This is no different when it comes to buying a new toilet. We all want something that look beautiful, but we can just as easily forget that performance is just important.

And when we talk about performance, we mean the whole package, a powerful flush that is efficient, yet effective. We’re going to be going through a list of hand picked specifications that will let you know whether or not you’ve found a good quality toilet.

According to toilet rating criteria, there are ten things to watch out for when shopping. Type, flush, bowl, GPF, brand, design, seat, comfort, warranty, and price. Each product you research should have each of these things taken into account before any decision is made. We’re going to be looking at a few of these in depth below.

Toilet type

Whilst many consumers will be familiar with the standard looking loo, there are plenty of alternatives and varieties available. You will need to choose between one piece or two piece, wall hung, composting, or even tankless. It’s not the easiest decision to make because they all excel in there own areas. However, most modern homes will find one piece toilets suitable. They look great and they are usually manufactured by the leading brands.

Flush type

If you’ve not had to replace your toilet since moving in to your home, you may only be familiar with a single flush. However, there has been plenty of innovations in this area which certainly help user experience. Among these innovations is dual flush, pressure assisted, siphonic, wash down, hands free, and macerating toilets. Each one has a role to play. For example. hands free is great for people wanting to reduce bacteria build up on trip levers. Alternatively, pressure assisted may be a good match for people needing a strong flush.


You’re going to have to choose between a elongated or round bowl. Elongated give users a more natural seated posture, so are usually favored by people seeking comfort. However, round bowls are ideal for smaller households as they take up very little space. Square bowls are also produced, but they are designed for there unique styles over substance.


GPF stands for gallons per flush and really its just the flow rate. A standard model will work with 1.6 gallons. Many of these produce strong, effective results in cleaning the bowl thoroughly. However, they aren’t the most efficient options. For that, you can look for the 1.28 gallons products. They meet EPA guidelines.


There are numerous toilet brands. Choice is good. But sometimes too much choice can make things a little difficult. When you’re presented with so many options what do you pick? We recommend sticking with the big names such as Kohler, TOTO and American Standard. They have a good reputation and have been around a long time.


This is really all about looking at the shape and how it looks visually. Is the bowl skirted? Do the colors compliment your bathrooms theme? How does the tank look? These are all things you should think about.


Two main things about the toilet seat. The first is whether or not it’s included with your purchase. There are plenty of cases where you will be required to pay extra for the seat. So be aware if you’ve set yourself a budget limit. Secondly, think about how you want said seat to operate. Will you require a soft close option? Or perhaps something padded for comfort?


The warranty on your product is really self explanatory, are you covered in the event you’re either not happy with your purchase, or if it breaks. You will certainly be pleased if you have the option for a refund.


Toilet prices range from 150 bucks through to 800 bucks. There really isn’t a limit, but the higher you go up that price scale, the more you enter into the realms of luxurious extras such as bidets, and strong flush performance. For your average joe, and from experience fitting them, we would say four hundred and fifty dollars is a good starting place for the hardware, just make sure you set aside some extra if you require a plumber to fit it for you.